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Susan Mann tried to flush out problems around her house she wasrenovating in Greenville County. Sheknew she had an issuewhen she heard a noise coming from her toilet.

"It would gurgle, so we knew we probably had to have the septic tank cleaned out," Mann said.

She called Carolina Septic in Simpsonville and said she led two employees and the owner, Dan Fowler, to her backyard.

"It's upsetting," Mann said.

She said they finished the job, or so she thought.

"We were still having issues, so I called him," she said. "He said he would come back out to check on it, but he never did."

So, Mann called another septic company to fix the tank.

"This septic company checked the system and said it had not been cleaned out properly," she said.

That's when she called the Better Business Bureau of the Upstate.

"When we do an investigation on a company, it comes from a pattern of complaints," said Jennifer Giolewski, the public relations director with the BBB. "Our biggest thing is to build trust between the consumers and the businesses, we're not out to get businesses," she said.

With three outstanding complaints, BBB administrators saidthey also tried to get in touch with the owner by phone and through mail.

"DHEC requires him to log every gallon of sewage he's pumped, so he has a log of what's he's done," Michael Barcroft, Fowler's lawyer said.

"His priority and objective is to make sure all customers are satisfied," Barcroft said.

He said in some cases there's a misunderstanding about the process of cleaning a septic tank.

"They will fully pump a septic tank, but if a leach field has gone bad then it can back-fill back into a septic tank. People then believe, well the septic tank didn't get fully pumped," Fowler said.

However, Mann said she's out of more money and she thinks the whole situation just stinks.

"We work hard for our money," she said.

Barcroft said his client plans to meet with administrators with the BBB tomorrow to address those complaints.

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